12 - marguerite de valois 1492-1549-2-800-600


gbSpecial edition of the book with an original work in a limited edition of fifty-five.

Theme KINGS & QUEENS (period 15th to 19th century)

These are 55 unique works about persons of noble origin who were born and raised in isolation. Many are connected by marriage to the De’ Medici patrician family, which spread throughout Europe. A powerful and influential family with considerable prestige, one of the leading banking families in European history. Their influences in the field of politics, trade, culture, architecture, banking and religion are, in both negative and positive ways, intertwined like some gossamer web with our life now.

The position of kings and queens is sensitive: when we meet them, many of us act like servants and bow, but just talking about it generates resistance.

I show the Kings & Queens that I portrait alongside their own self-image.

The ground surface for the works is taken from an unusual two-part French publication “La Reliure ancienne et moderne” from 1878. They are photogravures from volumes from the period from 1400 to 1800. The photogravure I have used for a work is directly related to the person in the portrait.

The edition consists of fifty-five unique items. The originals have been numbered and signed.
Price each edition € 1.250,=
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1- Filips de Goede 1396-1467


Filip the Good 1396-1467    rode-stip-verkocht

Duke of Burgundy. In his role as ruler of the Low Countries, he initiated many reforms, such as central government for all provinces of the Low Countries, a centralised judicial system and central collection of taxes. As a way to facilitate centralised rule, Philips was the first to assemble the States General, the parliament of The Netherlands. The first major meeting took place in Bruges in 1464. This historic event is now considered the first meeting of the States General. Philips is also considered as the founder of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

2- Isabella van Portugal 1397-1472


Isabella of Portugal 1397-1472rode-stip-verkocht

3- Margaretha van York 1446-1503-800-600


Margaretha of York 1446-1503rode-stip-verkocht

4- Georges van Clarence 1449-1478-800-600


Georges of Clarence 1449-1478rode-stip-verkocht

Duke of Clarence and first in line to the throne. He ended up in a conflict about possessions, and was executed after plotting against the king.

5- Lorenzo I de Medici 1449-1492-800-600


Lorenzo I de’ Medici 1449-1492rode-stip-verkocht

Nickname “Il Magnifico”.

6- Ferdinand II 1452-1516-800-600


Ferdinand II 1452-1516rode-stip-verkocht

King of Aragon, Napels and Sicily.

7- Giuliano de Medici 1453-1478-800-600


Giuliano de’ Medici 1453-1478

Giuliano and his brother, Lorenzo the Magnificent, were co-rulers of the republic of Florence. Patron of the Arts.

8- Henri VII 1457-1509-800-600


Henri VII 1457-1509

King of England. He was the founder of the Tudor dynasty, and is generally acknowledged as a successful ruler. His political strategy was to keep the peace, while also achieving economic prosperity.

9- Louis XII 1462-1515-800-600


Louis XII 1462-1515

King of France. His third marriage was to Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII of England. This was a marriage that was intended to seal the bond between the two kingdoms.

10- Filips I van Castilie 1478-1506-800-600


Filip I of Castilië 1478-1506rode-stip-verkocht


11- Johanna I 1479-1555-800-600


Johanna I 1479-1555rode-stip-verkocht

Nickname ‘the insane’. Queen of Castile and Léon.

12- Marguerite de Valois 1492-1549-800-600


Marguerite de Valois 1492-1549rode-stip-verkocht

In 1509 she married Charles IV of Alençon, and in 1529 she married King Henry II of Navarre. She played an important political and cultural role at the French court, introducing them to her progressive literary views. At the time, she was considered unusually erudite, and her open, clear spirit made her an important figure in the development of the renaissance in France.

13- Francois I 1494-1547-800-600


François I 1494-1547

King of France. He was the initiator of the Collège de France. He was the Maecenas of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

14- Maria Tudor 1496-1533-800-600


Maria Tudor 1496-1533rode-stip-verkocht


15- Diana de Poitiers 1499-1566-800-600


Diana de Poitiers 1499-1566  rode-stip-verkocht

She was the mistress of Henry II, King of France. Better known as the brains behind the throne and Queen of France, Poitiers helped raise Henry II’s children by his wife, Catharina de’ Medici.

16- Henry II van Navarra 1503-1555-800-600


Henry II of Navarra 1503-1555

King of Navarre. Viscount of Limoges and Béarn. Count of Périgord, Foix and Armagnac. In 1522, he succeeded his grandfather as Duke of Albret. He was married to Marguerite de Valois (1492-1549).

17- Alessandro de Medici 1510-1537-800-600


Alessandro de’ Medici 1510-1537

Despite being an illegitimate child, he became Duke of Florence in 1531. He was murdered by Lorenzino de’ Medici, better known as Lorenzaccio (‘evil Lorenzino’), his distant cousin.

18- Henri II 1519-1559-800-600


Henri II 1519-1559

King of France. Married to Catharina de’ Medici. His mistress, Diana de Poitiers, was a large influence during his lifetime. He trusted her so much, he even let her make state decisions. She signed official documents with ‘Henri Diane’.

19- Willem van oranje 1533-1584-800-600


William of Orange 1533-1584rode-stip-verkocht

Nickname: William the Silent. His motto was “Je maintiendrai” / “I will maintain”.

20- Elizabeth I van Engeland 1533-1603-800-600


Elizabeth I of Engeland 1533-1603rode-stip-verkocht

Daughter of Henri VIII and Anna Boleyn.

21- Ferdinando I 1549-1609-800-600


Ferdinando I de’ Medici 1549-1609rode-stip-verkocht


22- Karel IX 1550-1574-800-600


Karel IX 1550-1574rode-stip-verkocht

King of France. He was the third son of Henri II and Catharina de’ Medici.

23- Henri III 1551-1589-800-600


Henri III 1551-1589

rode-stip-verkochtKing of France. King of Poland. Grand Prince of Lithuania.

24- Louise van Lotharingen 1553-1601-800-600


Louise of Lotharingen 1553-1601rode-stip-verkocht

Dutchess of Bourbon and married with Henry III.

25- Marguerite de Valois 1553-1615-800-600


Marguerite de Valois 1553-1615rode-stip-verkocht

Nickname ‘Reine Margot’. By her marriage with Henri IV she became queen of Navarra and of France. She was a daughter of Henri II and Catharina de’ Medici.

26- Henri IV 1553-1610-800-600


Henri IV 1553-1610rode-stip-verkocht

King of France. He married Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615).

27- Henri de Lorraine 1563-1624-800-600


Henri of Lorraine 1563-1624

Henry II, Duke of Lorraine. His marriage to Catharina de Bourbon was meant to strengthen the bonds between the House of Bourbon and the House of Lorraine. Catharina died without children. He had four children with his second wife, Margherita Gonzaga.

28- Isabelle van Spanje 1566-1633-800-600


Isabelle of Spanje 1566-1633

I used the same flag in this piece as I used in the portrait of William of Orange. She was sovereign of the Southern Netherlands and Archduchess of Austria. The Eternal Edict, signed in 1611, was an act issued by Archduke Albrecht and Isabelle. It is one of the best known and most quoted laws of the ‘Ancien Régime’, and it was the first attempt to create a general civil code in the Southern Netherlands.

29- Catherine Gonzaga 1568-1629-800-600


Catherine Gonzaga 1568-1629

She was the daughter of an Italo-French dignitary and diplomat in France. She married Henry, Duke of Orléans-Longueville, a French aristocrat and military commander.

30- Antoinette d Orleans 1572-1618-800-600


Antoinette of Orléans 1572-1618rode-stip-verkocht

At 15, she married the 18-year-old Italian marquis Charles de Gondi. After his death, when she was only 24, she devoted her life to religion. She founded a religious order and multiple convents.

31- Marie de Medici 1575-1642-800-600


Marie de Médici 1575-1642

Queen-consort of France as the second wife of Henry IV, after the annulment of his marriage to Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615). She commissioned the construction of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris that became her residence in 1625.

32- Karel I 1600-1649-800-600


Charles I of Engeland 1600-1649rode-stip-verkocht

He was a great appreciator of art, and bought many pieces. He brought the painter Van Dyck to England and appointed him as court painter. He was the king who ennobled the painter Rubens.

33- Louis XIII 1601-1643-800-600


Louis XIII 1601-1643rode-stip-verkocht

King of France. Nickname “The Righteous” (“Le Juste”).

34- Anne d Autriche 1601-1666-800-600


Anne D’Autriche 1601-1666rode-stip-verkocht

Queen of France and Navarra, regent for her son Louis XIV.

35- Kardinaal Mazarin 1602-1661-800-600


 Cardinal Mazarin 1602-1661  rode-stip-verkocht

He made himself indispensable to regent Anna of Austria by not joining any of the court factions, but making use of the services of all of them. Inspired by a portrait by Frederick Bouttats.

36- Ferdinando II 1610-1670-800-600


Ferdinando II de’ Medici 1610-1670

Grand Duke of Tuscany. He was gay, and was loved by his subjects for his kindness. He married and had two sons.

37- Anne Genevieve de Bourbon 1619-1679-800-600


Anne Geneviève of Bourbon  1619-1679rode-stip-verkocht

Dutchess of Longueville. She is the only daughter of Henri, prince of Condé (1588-1646).

38- Jean-Baptiste Colbert 1619-1683-800-600


Jean-Baptiste Colbert 1619-1683rode-stip-verkocht


39- Christina I van Zweden 1626-1689-800-600


Christina I of Sweden 1626-1689rode-stip-verkocht


40- Rene Descartes 1596-1650-800-600


René Descartes 1596-1650rode-stip-verkocht

He makes part of the series of Kings & Queens  because of his relation and friendship with Christina I of Sweden.

41- Jacques II 1633-1701-800-600


James II 1633-1701

King of England, Ireland and Scotland. He was the last catholic monarch of England. Louis XIV was not just his cousin, but also a close friend.

42- Louis XIV 1638-1715-800-600


Louis XIV 1638-1715

Better known as the Sun King (Le Roi-Soleil). King of France and Navarre. The hunting lodge at Versailles, constructed in 1624 by Louis XIII, was converted into the castle of Versailles by his son, Louis XIV. He was the founder of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. He was an accomplished dancer himself.

43- Filips van Orleans 1640-1701-800-600


Filip of Orléans 1640-1701

Philip I. Despite his homosexuality, he was married twice, and had six children. He was an art-lover and assembled a significant art collection.

44- Maria Casimira Ludovica de La Grange d Arquien 1641-1716-800-600


Maria Casimira Ludovica de La Grange d’Arquien 1641-1716rode-stip-verkocht

In 1665 she married Jan III Sobieski and became queen of Poland.

45- Cosimo II de Medici 1642-1723-800-600


Cosimo III de’ Medici 1642-1723

Grand Duke of Tuscany. He is considered an anthropologist avant la lettre.

46- Elisabeth Marguerite d Orleans 1646-1663-800-600


Elisabeth-Marguerite d’Orléans  1646-1696rode-stip-verkocht

Better known as Isabelle d’Orléans, niece of Louis XIV, or as ‘Madame de Guise’ through her marriage to Duke Louis Joseph de Guise.

47- Gian Gastone de Medici 1671-1737-800-600


Gian Gastone de’ Medici 1671-1737

The last Grand Duke of Tuscany of the De’ Medici family. He was the son of Cosimo III de’ Medici. He was an art connoisseur, he loved botany and lived a very solitary life, surrounded by antiquities.

48- Philipp Ludwig Wenzel 1671-1742-800-600


Philipp Ludwig Wenzel 1671-1742  rode-stip-verkocht

Count von Sinzendorf. A successful diplomat, he was the special envoy to France and imperial ambassador to the Netherlands. His work earned him the membership of the Order of the Golden Fleece. He was made famous by his portrait, painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud, where he wears the order regalia of the Golden Fleece.

49- Louis XV 1710-1774-800-600


Louis XV 1710-1774rode-stip-verkocht

King of France and of Navarra.

50- Karel III 1716-1788-800-600


Charles III of Spain   1716-1788

Duke of Parma. King of Naples and Sicily. He was an advocate of enlightened absolutism (caring more about the interests of the people than other kings). He was perhaps not a grand king, but he was devoted to his task.

51- Keizer Jozef II 1741-1790-800-600


Emperor Joseph II 1741-1790rode-stip-verkocht


52- Pauline Bonaparte 1780-1825-800-600


Pauline Bonaparte  1780-1825rode-stip-verkocht

Marie Paulette (Pauline) Bonaparte was the second sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. At the time, she was renowned for her beauty. As Paolina Borghese (her second marriage was to Camillo Borghese), she was sculpted by Antonio Canova as a naked Venus. At that time, Napoleon bought the entire Borghese family art collection for the Louvre museum.

53- Louis XVII 1785-1795-800-600


Louis XVII 1785-1795rode-stip-verkocht


54- Napoleon II 1808-1873-800-600


Napoleon III 1808-1873rode-stip-verkocht


55- Willem van Oranje Nassau 1840-1879-800-600


William of Orange-Nassau 1840-1879

His nickname was Wiwill. He was the eldest son of king William III and queen Sophie. He had a difficult life, with parents who fought all the time, and his relationship with his father was bad. He was buried in the family tomb in the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ church in Delft.